The Leonardo Museum + Membership Discount!

Boy oh boy, have we found a gem of a place for our family to hang out this coming year!


The Leonardo Museum in downtown Salt Lake City, is amazing and the crazy thing is that a lot of people have never heard of it.  If they have they think it’s just for the grown ups, or they have no idea where it is!

We ventured there this week and spent a good 2 hours there and only had to leave to get back in time for after school pick-up for my school aged kid.


Good thing we got a year membership pass (the kids are getting it for Christmas- I LOVE gifting experiences) and we can explore all year long! You can get a pass to and right now if you use the code JL1404 you can add an extra month for free!

They have multiple exhibits you can go and explore. I love that they are great for kids, but as an adult I learn new stuff too! Right now they have the FLIGHT exhibit on display and it is amazing. Real flight simulators, a huge C-131 plane to play in, learn all about different kids of flight and so much more!


They have other exhibits too, Perception-The Illusion of Reality is really cool and focuses on your three main senses. Sight, Hearing, and Touch. It’s super hands on and a lot of fun to explore.

The best part about this “museum” is how HANDS ON it is. I love that my kids can touch and play and build and learn, all while still being a kid! From the second you walk in, it’s totally kid friendly. The LEO LOBBY was one of my favorites. It’s got legos, blocks, building supplies, and more! We could have spent the whole hour in just that area!


Then you’ve got Leonardo’s Studio, Think Math, Leonardo’s Workshop, Science Lab, and Pixel Playland.

My daughter loved Leonardo’s Studio and painting all over the walls! We also made snowflakes, stacked rocks as high as we could, made shadow art……there was so much to do, we seriously can’t wait to go back!



Even my little baby got in on some of the action. He played with some of the building toys upstairs while the bigger kids worked on building their own unique structures.

As you can see, we had plenty of fun, there is so much to see and do and we are going to have a blast this year learning, exploring, and playing!



Don’t forget to use the code JL1404 to get a FREE MONTH added to your membership!

( They make great last minute Christmas presents!) 


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