Would you like to know how to plan your next trip to Lagoon? Maybe you’re wondering how to make the most of your time there or how to be cost efficient. Kerry from My Random Sampler just purchased a home near Lagoon Park. For Christmas, Santa gave her family 2015 season passes. To make the most of their visits this year, she asked David W. Freed, President of Lagoon Corporation, a few questions. The answers are so helpful that she wanted to share them with you.


What does Guest Services provide that a first-time or out-of-town visitor might want to know? 

Lagoon’s Guest Service office is located near the park entrance. The Guest Service staff is trained to respond to inquiries and provide an array of information to Lagoon’s guests, from where is the nearest rest room, to what rides we suggest they try first, to what restaurants are in the area. The Guest Service office is also the place where guests can find free, printed brochures, including maps of the park, a guide for guests with disabilities, entertainment schedules, etc. For younger children, the Guest Service office has a measurement station where children are measured and receive a handstamp for authorized entrance to appropriate rides having height restrictions.  If your all-day passport verification handstamp fades, this is where you go to get restamped. Basically, the Guest Service office is the hub for all guest questions and/or general assistance. The staff is able to summon specific department managers if guests need further help..

Where is Lagoon’s Lost and Found?

Lagoon employees take lost or misplaced possessions to the Lost and Found, which is located at Strollers N Stuff, on the southwest side of the park entrance. On some rides, the coasters for the most part, there are times when operators suspend operation to collect items that have fallen from guests’ pockets during the ride, such as cell phones, hats, etc. The most interesting item we have retrieved, and returned to the owner, is a breast enhancement silicone insert. Needless to say, the owner was very happy to have it back.

What else is available at Strollers N Stuff?

Strollers N Stuff is also the location where a guest may rent for the day strollers (both adult and child), wagons, or wheelchairs. These items are rented for a daily fee and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Miscellaneous sundries are for sale at Strollers N Stuff to help you get through your day, including a few over-the-counter medications, Band-Aids®, diapers, plates, napkins, and other items.

If someone needs medical attention, where can they receive help at the park?

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are available during operating hours at Lagoon’s Security/First Aid office, located adjacent to the park entrance near the locker area. Although these EMTs do not provide medical attention per se, they are available to provide assistance and first aid as needed. In the event of a true medical emergency, an ambulance or Life Flight can be called from this location.

How can guests save money on food and drinks at the park?

Lagoon permits guests to bring outside food and drink into the park. Also, a refillable, souvenir drink cup may be purchased from any food stand that sells soda. The prices are: $8.99 plus tax for one; $7.99 plus tax each for two; and $6.99 plus tax each for three. Most of these containers may be refilled for $.99 plus tax.  A souvenir Icee cup may be purchased at the Icee Mix It Up stand near the main entrance. Icee souvenir cups may be refilled at the Mix It Up location, but not at other Icee locations, for only $2.99 plus tax. [Kerry’s note: We did see $2.99 refill options for the Icee in Pioneer Village.]

Please note that glass containers are not allowed. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the designated picnic areas but are not permitted in Lagoon A Beach.  Barbeque grills (propane, gas, charcoal, etc.) are prohibited.

What other ideas might help visitors get “more bang for their buck” at the park?

Fun Time Club: The best way to save money is to join the Fun Time Club (www.lagoonpark.com/park-info/).  We highly suggest that guests join the Fun Time Club e-mail list.  Fun Time Club members get special savings, promo codes, and offers throughout the year, and sometimes these offers are as generous as buy 1 pass, get 1 free.

Coke can promotion. Present a Coca Cola can and save $7.00 on a regular single-day passport. This promotion is only valid until 12 noon. One can is valid for up to six people. This offer is NOT valid on Saturdays or with any other offer.

Military discount. Military members and their families may receive a discount for as much as $16.95 from admission passports during the 2015 season. To get the additional savings, you must present the printable coupon available on Lagoon’s website, www.lagoonpark.com, at the time of purchase.  Active military personnel will pay $33.00 plus tax for a single day passport.  Family and retired military personnel will pay $44.95 plus tax for a single day passport.  Military ID is required.

KSL Golden Ticket. On Tuesdays, guests 65 and older who purchase a regular-price, single-day passport can get an additional Lagoon passport for another person of any age via KSL’s Golden Lagoon Ticket.  A guest will need to bring the KSL Golden Ticket coupon, available at www.ksl.com, with them. This promotion typically starts in June and has not yet started for the 2015 season.

Date Night Coupon. Fox 13 traditionally offers a great “date night” deal. Guests pay $47.95 plus tax for two regular single-day passports on any Friday or Saturday after 5:00 p.m. To get the additional savings, a guest will need to bring the Date Night Coupon, available at http://fox13now.com/tag/lagoon/.  This promotion typically starts in June and has not yet started for the 2015 season.

Season Passports.  An individual season passport is currently on special spring savings for $109.95 plus tax. This reduced price saves you $11.00 off the regular price, which will take effect on June 8, 2015. The individual season passport is the best deal of all, paying for itself after just two visits.

Bounce Back Coupon. Remember to watch for the Bounce Back validation, received after a park visit.  A Bounce Back Coupon can traditionally be used within 10 days for a $12.00 plus tax passport fee. The Bounce Back Coupon is non-transferable, and some date restrictions apply.

Free admission under age two. Children under two years of age are offered free admission to the park and Lagoon A Beach.  If these young children would like to ride the rides, a youth single-day passport is $37.50 plus tax, or individual tickets may be purchased for certain rides.

Do the gift shops sell essentials such as over-the-counter medicines, diapers, sunscreen, etc.?

Lagoon’s gift shops sell some OTC medicines and other items.  For sunscreen, guests will want to visit Rad Brad’s, located at the entrance to Lagoon A Beach.  Strollers N Stuff also sells OTC medicines, diapers, plates, napkins, and other sundries.

Is it okay to bring pets to the park? 

At the discretion of Lagoon staff, animals may be permitted at the park. Animals must receive proper care, must be leashed at all times, and may not be left unattended. Animals may not be tethered to park fencing, ride queues, or board rides. Animals will not be admitted to Lagoon A Beach.  Guests are responsible for the care and clean-up of their animal’s waste.

Service dogs are allowed at the park and in Lagoon A Beach–but not within 10 feet of the water.  Service dogs also may not be tethered, and guests are responsible for the care and clean-up of their animal’s waste.

Of course, no one likes to wait in long lines. Do you offer any Fast Pass options, Apps, or Parent Passes? 

Lagoon does not offer a Fast Pass. However, we do have a “Baby Swap” policy on some rides. To participate in this program, a guest and their family wait in the regular queue line. Upon entry into the ride enclosure, inform the attendant of the desire to perform a “Baby Swap.” The parent who will wait for the next ride cycle is allowed to wait outside the exit turnstile. Upon completion of the ride cycle, the parents switch places.

What accommodations do you offer those with special needs?

Please refer to our Disability Guide on our website, www.lagoonpark.com. Lagoon has spent a significant amount of money to make rides accessible to guests with special needs. On some of the newer rides, there are transfer seats, making it easier for wheelchair users. In Lagoon A Beach, we have provided lifts and ramps to make the facility more accessible. Lagoon has recently received an award from the Disability Law Center for our progress in this important area.

What is something your average visitor may not be aware of?

Locker rentals are an all-day rental–$8.00 for a standard locker, $15.00 for an oversized locker. Lagoon has a policy that loose articles are not allowed on some rides–the roller coasters, for the most part.  At most of these rides, free lockers are available for loose articles, or loose articles may be left with a non-rider. This policy is in place for safety reasons (i.e. a loose article may fall and hit another guest or get stuck between the track and the vehicle, which may cause a problem).


Please see Lagoon’s website, www.lagoonpark.com and review the FAQs page for more information.

What should we know about Lagoon A Beach?

Lagoon A Beach offers 10 slides (8 are body slides and 2 require a tube to participate). T-shirts and shorts with rivets or other applications may not be worn while riding. T-shirts tend to “stop” guests within the slide, and rivets or applications scratch the slides. Appropriate swimwear must be worn.  Lagoon A Beach has a Lazy River, Bongo’s Bay (a play area specifically for young children), and the Blue Lagoon (swimming pool area). To participate on the tube slides, a tube rented from Lagoon A Beach is required.  Tube rental is $5.00 per tube. Upon return of the tube, guests will receive a coupon for a free 32 oz. soft drink or bottled water.

Children under the age of 3 or who are not potty trained or guests with incontinence are required to wear a swim diaper or plastic cover.

Other things you might want to know about Lagoon A Beach include the following.  A volleyball court is available for use. Lounge chairs are free on a first-come, first-serve basis. Day lockers are available to rent for $8.00. Guests may bring outside food and drink (no alcohol or glass containers) into the water park. Showers and changing stalls are available; however, towels are not provided. Don’t forget to WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN.

Do you have designated outlets for guests to charge phones and other electronics?

Lagoon does not offer a charging station.  However, the majority of our picnic pavilions have electrical outlets, and a guest may use them if a pavilion is not being used by a group who reserved it.

When are the least busy times to visit the Park?  Most busy? 

Generally, Mondays through Wednesdays tend to be less busy at the park. Guests may call the Guest Service Office at 801-141-1717 and a hostess may be able to provide an estimate as to whether or not the park will be busy on the planned day of your visit.