Last week I was able to take my niece and nephews out for a really fun adventure! After they all got out of school we met together at the new adventure climbing zone that is known as FUNTOPIA! 

As soon as I starting hearing some buzz about this kids climbing gym I knew I wanted to bring them all along! Of course this won me a huge amount of browine points with them and I am pretty sure I am in the lead for the title of “The FUN Aunt!”


The kids ranged in age from 5- 12 and it was the perfect place for all of them! Before I could even blink I looked up and saw my 5 year old nephew already at the top of one of the walls! Then the little daredevil belayed down like he’d been a professional his whole life!

The two oldest really enjoyed strapping in next to each other and raced to the top. It was really fun to see their competitive sides come out a little bit more than I see at Thanksgiving dinner;)


One of my nephews is a little bit scared of heights so I was nervous to see how he would do. At first he would climb up about 3-4 steps and call it good and jump down. Then we found this section where you can use these blocks to build your own tower and climb up it! It was a lot of fun and slowly he got braver and braver. He loved getting to the top of his tower and jumping off and slowly swing back down to the ground.

By the end of our 1 hour session he even tried the Parabolic slide! 


Speaking of the slide, it is one of the coolest parts about Funtopia!  In addition to all the climbing walls they have 2 Premium elements that are just awesome!  In your session you can also do the Parabolic Slide and the Jump in the Air Tower. And just as a little side note, the slide is WAY bigger in person!

The other thing that I really liked about Funtopia was how different all the climbing walls were and how you could really use your imagination. By the end of our hour session the kids were sweating, smiling, and exhausted. They were also asking when they could come back again! funtopia-lehiI would totally and completely recommend Funtopia to any family with kids ages 4 and up. They do say that your kids need to be at least 35 pounds in order for the auto belay systems to work and lower the kids.

Funtopia is the perfect place for a family night date, an adventure with cousins, a way to escape the summer heat, or even to host a super fun birthday party!

Make sure you follow them on Instagram to see what other fun things they’ve got going on!

Thank you FUNTOPIA! We can’t wait to come back!

*We were given free passes to come and experience Funtopia but all opinions are our own.