It’s definitely not my favorite, and once Christmas passes I am totally over all the cold and snow. But now I live with two curious and adventurous little kids who love every single season and this year they were especially pumped about all the snow we’ve gotten. Because of their excitement I’ve decided that our family is going to embrace the winter season and find all the fun ways that we can play!

Gorgoza Park

Gorgoza Park is seven tubing lanes with a tow line that takes you back up to the top. It doesn’t get better!

This little gem is located just off the Jeremy Ranch exit on your way up to Park City. I’ve passed it numerous times over the years and just barely got around to checking it out.

It. Was. Awesome. 

We took my little kids (3 and 5) and they had so much fun! It’s basically a super cool tubing park! The best part is that you don’t have to walk back up to the top of the hill. Seriously, I need to hug the person who invented this. If you have ever trekked back up a snowy hill while pulling a sled or tube with a kid inside…….you know what I’m talking about. It’s freaking hard work!

They offer single rides, 2 hour passes, and 4 hour passes.
2 hours was perfect for our family and gave us plenty of time to get in a lot of runs before little hands and noses got too cold.

If you do get cold, they have a little warming yurt and a cafe yurt to grab some hot chocolate.

They have two different levels of tubing. One section for kids under 42″ and a section of bigger hills for those seeking a bigger thrill. They also have mini snow mobiles for kids ages 6 and older and a little area for small kids to take an easy ride in a tube going ’round and ’round.

Snow Shoeing

I’ve heard so much about snow shoeing this year and it completely has me intrigued! If you love hiking then snow shoeing is right up your alley and there are lots of family friendly trails around Utah.

A few local favorites are:

Milcreek Canyon
Mueller Park
Solitude Nordic Center/Silver Lake
Soldier Hollow
Dog Lake (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail/Quarry Trail

Skiing or Snowboarding

We live in a place completely surrounded by mountain and ski resorts! It’s actually been years and years since I’ve been skiing but my little guy has been begging to go! After just a few runs he was getting the hang of it and he’s totally caught the skiing bug!

Skiing scares a lot of us away because it can get a bit expensive but we’ve found some great ways to get up on the slopes, teach your kids to ski or snowboard, and not spend your life savings!

Thermal Soak-

Need a break from the cold and snow? Now is the perfect time to take a dip!
Head up north to Honeyville and enjoy Crystal Hot Springs where you can soak, swim, play, and slide in warm naturally heated pools.

They have one large soaker pool, 3 hot tubs, and a slide. They also offer a Family Night Special!

Another fun and unique place to visit is the Crater in Midway. You can soak and swim in this crater filled with naturally heated water! It’s a totally cool experience and a great way to have some fun as a family!
*You can grab a discount here!