I don’t know why but I always stress and fuss over what to get my husband anytime a holiday or birthday comes around that requires a gift! Maybe because we have our anniversary, my husbands birthday, and Christmas all in a row so I totally get stressed out. But this year there is no need for me OR YOU to stress over what to get our men for Christmas this year because we totally have you covered! We have come up with a list of 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your MAN that Totally Rock!  And don’t forget to check out the GIVEAWAY at the bottom of the post. I promise you don’t want to miss it!

gift-ideas-for-men1. HeadphonesDo you have a music lover? I sure do! My husband is always looking at headphones whenever we are in any type of an electronic store, (ahem, the Apple Store) and so I’ve wised up and started paying attention.

beats*Over the ear, noise cancelling headphones are amazing for when you need to drown out the noise around you. My hubby uses his when he’s at work to cut down on distractions. Here are a few good and frugal finds and I would definitely check out the Bose headphones and Beats by Dre.

*Ear buds are always a favorite and a must have for anyone who loves to listen to music while working out, running, or just needing to listen to some good tunes. Skull Candy ear buds are amazing and would make a great gift for your man this Christmas.

skull2. PowerSkin- Battery Cases: The last thing you guy needs is to have the battery on his phone run out. With our phones doing so many awesome things these days it’s easy to blow through all the battery power in just a few hours! But what if you could have a case that charges your phone? That’s just what PowerSkin does. Get your guy a case for his phone and he won’t ever have to worry about his battery running low! And right now you can get $20 off using the code NOV20AF! (expires 11/27/14).

* Check out the GIVEAWAY below to win a Power Stand! 

powerskin3. Tools: Every Handy (or not so handy) Man needs a good set of tools. A home tool kit is a must have to be able to take care of leaky faucets, loose doorknobs, and to make sure everything is tightly secure.


4. Exercise Trackers: There are so many different kinds of exercise trackers out there but one thing is certain, your main man would love one of these! My guy has a Nike Fuel Band and he loves that it gives him a goal to meet each day so that he can make sure he is moving and exercising enough. This is a must have gift for any guy or loves working out and wants to track his stats. Or even for someone just needing a little motivation to get moving.


5. Camping Gear:  If you guy is an adventure and outdoors enthusiast then camping gear is the perfect gift! Plus it’s kind of like the gift that keeps on giving because each time you go camping you create new memories (Awww..) Tents, cookware, lighting, or even new sleeping bags make great gifts!


6. Watches: You can never go wrong getting the man in your life a watch. I’m a huge fan of a sleek, clean looking watch but there are so many options out there to get your guy exactly what he needs! If your guy is a professional and dresses up every day a fancy, classic watch might be the way to go. If he’s more outdoorsy or into a lot of sports then you might need a more durable watch. Again, your options are really endless. 


7. Tickets: If your guy is a sports fan I’m sure he would love tickets to a Jazz game, or any local sporting event. College basketball will be in full swing so see if you can take advantage of that. If you are adventurous and want to try something new,  Groupon is a great place to find tickets for fun things going on around town and sometimes they even have movie tickets for cheap!


8. Survival Gear: 72 Hour Kits are a great idea for a gift. Give your hubby some peace of mind this holiday season knowing that he’s prepared to keep his family safe in an emergency.


9. Running/Exercise gear: If you man loves to run, lift, and just work up a good sweat then I’m sure he would appreciate some new workout clothes. Sport boxer briefs and new socks make perfect stocking stuffers. Get him some new shorts, pants, or t-shirts and he’s set to crush those New Years Resolutions coming up!


10. Shaving Products: If you have a bearded manly man like I do then shaving products are a must have gift!

*I would highly recommend getting a gift card for your man to go to a Barber Shop and get a Classic Barber Shop Shave. I got this last year for my husband and he totally loved it! I would recommend Rays Barber Shop. They give your man a smooth lather, use steamed towels, and he’ll get his closest shave ever with a straight razor. Every guy should have this experience at least once. They have 3 locations in Utah and their service is amazing.

*Another fabulous shaving gift you can get for your man is a kit from The Art of Shaving. I got this for my husband too, and he completely loved it! Plus the scents are amazing and you will love it too!


*And for the gift that keeps on giving you can always sign him up for The Dollar Shave Club. This is a monthly subscription club that is totally awesome. You get razors and whatever else you need delivered to your door once a month. They have plans from $1, $6, or $9 a month. So this gift is completely affordable! Plus, the razors are freaking amazing and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t used them before!


Hopefully this post gave you some great ideas and will help you with all your Christmas shopping! If you are like me and love doing all your shopping at home, make sure you check out Amazon Prime’s 30 Day Free trial to get 2 day shipping free!

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My husband loves it too. And since he’s constantly working off his phone (and you can use this to charge your laptop, tablet, or any other device) he loves having a portable power source right where he needs it.

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Good luck to all of you!