We’ve been working on our family summer “live list” and one the things that the kids put on the list was to go to the movie theater. My first thought was

“oh no, that is sooooo expensive to take the whole family,
and can they really sit through the whole thing!?!” 

Then my brain turned on again and I remembered just how awesome the Kids Summer Movie programs are!!! My kids love being able to go see a movie at the theater, and get a treat (cause with ticket prices so low I can actually justify an outrageously priced tub of popcorn).

Megaplex theaters are offering 10 movies in 10 weeks for just $10! That’s only $1 per movie! Days and showtimes vary by location. You can click here to find movie times and to grab your movie pass ( you can also may day of the movie too).

summer-moviesCinemark theaters also offers a fun discounted movie program during the summer. They offer 10 movies for just $5 when you purchase your pass in advance or just $1.00 per movie at the door. I love this super awesome deal!

Both theaters are playing films fit for kids. Movies like Minions, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Paddington, and more.

Stopping in at the theater is a great way to get out of the heat and slow down a little bit. We can’t wait!