The Ultimate Halloween Package- amazing deal!

The Halloween season is upon us and it’s time to PARTY!!

As your saw in our Mega List of Halloween Events, there is a TON of fun things going on all month long! And now you can have all that fun when you snatch up one of the few,
Ultimate Halloween packages from Utah Kids Club with over $120.00 in
FREE Halloween passes--check this out–

halloween pack

Your Ultimate Halloween package comes with the following bonuses!

  • 1 FREE ticket to Castle of Chaos ($23.00 value)
  • 1 FREE Ticket to Sleepy Hollow ($25.00 value)
  • 1 FREE Ticket to Scary Hill at Cherry Hill ($9.95 value)
  • 1 FREE Ticket to Creatures of the Night at Ogden Nature Center ($6.00 value)
  • 1 FREE Ticket to Little Haunts at This is the Place, Heritage Park ($12.95 value)
  • 1 FREE Ticket to Hee Haw Farms ($6.00 value)
  • 1 FREE Ticket to Fall Harvest at Cross E Ranch ($11.00 value)
  • 1 FREE Ticket to Scales and Tails Reptiles ($5.00 value)
  • 1 FREE Ticket for Clas Ropes Halloween River Cruise ($8.00 value)
  • 1 FREE Ticket to Corn Maze on the Farm at America West Heritage Center
  • SPECIAL $5.00 off each ticket from Cornbellys! Get as many tickets as you want at 5.00 off each!!
    (make sure to buy online before Sept 30th, use any day thru the season)
  • SPECIAL 40% Off tickets to Grimm Ghost Tours!!
  • SPECIAL 50% OFF tickets to Haunted Theatre Spooktacular
  • SPECIAL 50% OFF Tickets to Ogden Dinosaurs Carnivore Carnival

PLUS Everyone will receive 2 FREE Kids Meals!

  • 1 FREE Kids Meal to Noodles and Company
  • 1 FREE Kids Meal to Sizzler

That’s over $120.00 in Halloween FUN!!!!!!!!!

Each membership will also get a Utah Kids Club membership card, valid for over 250 discounts. Buy One Get One FREE and other discounts to Boondocks, The Rush Fun Plex, Red Butte Garden, This is the Place, Heritage Park, Laser Assault, Ogden Dinosaur Park, Treehouse Museum, Fat Cats, Get Air, Jump N Bounce, Kangaroo Zoo, K1 Speed, Fast Kart Speedway, Scera Theatre, Children’s Theatre, Laughing Stocks, Off Broadway, Real Salt Lake, Grizzlies Hockey, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and MORE!

It is Online today for $29.99 



But I got YOU a killer deal–
Use coupon code “vipwitches”
and get it ALL for 19.99!!

Now it’s time to PARTY

Click the Ultimate Halloween banner at
and use coupon code


And Have More FUN!!

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