Labor Day has come and gone and just like that the long days of summer are officially over. Except for the fact that it will hit 90 degrees here in Utah again this week and still feels like summer!

Summer can be a crazy time for moms. All the kids are home from school all day. Every day. It can be a stressful but fun time for moms as we are constantly coming up with fun things do to, trying to create fun and memorable family experiences, continuously feeding those ever hungry kids (do they ever stop eating!?), and so much more! It can be a bit of a blessing when school starts again and we can send those little ones on their way to learn, play, make new friends, and explore their world.

But with back to school comes a whole new slew of ‘mom responsibilities’. Back to school shopping, budgeting, buying backpacks and other school supplies, back to school night, parent/teacher meetings, PTA, classroom volunteering, class schedules, discloures….and mine’s just in preschool! Then you add in fall sports, dance, music lessons, and anything extra and your schedule and your brain is completely full!

What’s a busy stressed out mom to do? 

Take. A. Break. 

Well, that seems a little counter productive doesn’t it? Like you really have time for yourself, and even if you did……… wouldn’t your family suffer from your time away from them?!

But if you don’t take a break and take some time for yourself that is exactly what is going to happen. You and your family will suffer. Because when Mom is stressed out and unhappy, then everyone is.

As moms we are constantly putting the needs of others before our own and making teeny tiny little sacrifices every day for the benefit of our children, husband, friends, neighbors, and anyone else who we think we can help. We are moms. We are women. It’s what we do!

There is one person that needs to be on that list of people to take care of and that person is


I recently came to the realization that I was in desperate need of a mommy break. I can always tell when it’s time. I start to lose my temper with my kids more easily, I get bored with household tasks, I’m tired and unmotivated…you get the picture. I knew it was time for a break.

Which is why I was so excited when I found out about the new Mountainside Spa opening up. It used to be a spa that was just up at Alta and exclusively for guests. Now they are opening a new location in Holladay and it’s hands down amazing!

I scheduled myself a 90 minute body wrap and facial. Being the forgetful girl I am I completely forgot to mention that I am currently pregnant! I blame it on pregnancy brain. ;)  When I got there I talked about it with my therapist, Ezralea, who also happens to be the owner and we decided that since I was pregnant a body wrap was probably not the best idea since it can raise your core temperature.

Even with a last minute change they were so accomodating and quickly changed my session to a relaxing full body exfoliating massage and facial. It was 90 minutes of pure bliss and just what my mama heart, mind, and body needed. My face and skin have never felt better and I loved that every product she used was ‘green’ and organic.

It felt absolutely amazing to be pampered for a bit and I left with a renewed energy and focus. I was ready to tackle whatever tasks were ahead of me at home. I also left wanting to immediately book my next session! One of the biggest things for me when I am needing a mommy break is doing something affordable. Taking a break and time away from our families can sometimes make us feel guilty (it shouldn’t) and spending a lot of money would make me feel the mommy guilt even more. But with Mountainside Spa I don’t feel that guilt!

They feel so high end and the facility is gorgeous and their prices are completely affordable! It’s like the best of both worlds.

This Thursday, September 10th they are hosting an open house and you can bet I will be there and you should too! It’s an all day event from 11:00 AM- 7:00 PM and they are offering free mini facials, seated massages, and a chance to win a spa package for yourself! It’s definitely worth stopping by and checking out.

Make sure you stop by their Facebook page and give them some love. You can also find out more about them and their pricing over here. 

Hope to see you at the open house and I challenge you to take some time out for yourself this week. Even if it’s just a 20 minute walk around the aisles of Target!