You may have noticed that things have slowed down a bit here in the last little while. While summers do tend to be a little bit slower as I try to be with my family and make as many memories as I can, I have another small reason for being quiet around here.

Baby #3 will soon be joining our family!

I am beyond thrilled to be adding another crazy kid to our family and to finally be feeling a little bit better. The last 3 months I feel like I’ve been living like a zombie. Barely able to eat anything (other than popsicles), feeling like a need a nap every 15 minutes, exhausted to the brink of tears, lots of tears at random commercials, and letting all my household responsibilities completely fall to the wayside.

Every responsibility except dinner for my family.

That’s right. Even when the thought of dinner made me want to hurl or the smell of meat could send me running, I was able to keep feeding my family a nutritious and home cooked meal during the first three (sometimes miserable) months of my pregnancy.


It was all thanks to making a change in how I plan and prepare dinner. Earlier this summer I participated with a few other bloggers in a little experiment.  The experiment was to try out Dream Dinners and see if it could help ease our dinner time struggles, help us feel less stress, and bring our families closer together through family dinner.

This experiment could not have come at a better time. I got pregnant the beginning of June and basically went into survival mode. I think we’ve all been there at one point or another.

Survival Mode. 

It could be pregnancy, sickness, trying to sell your house, working full time, staying home full time, adjusting to change, moving, injury, kids involved in a bajillon things, the holiday season, school starting……..and the list goes on and on. There a a million +1 reasons why any one of us at any given time could be thrown into survival mode.

This mode and season of life can be a bit scary and make you feel a little “less than”. I know I have certainly felt waaaaay off my game lately and when I look at my house and my laundry pile I can feel like I’m failing. When I was getting down on myself and hating that I was just so exhausted I remembered that I at least had dinner taken care of.


Thanks to Dream Dinners each month I had a freezer full of yummy meals that I could feed my family. And it’s not the type of “oh I just had this in the back of the freezer, we better eat it before it goes bad” type of meals.  These are delicious and amazing. Last week my family had the pleasure of eating Pub-style chicken with Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Tacos, Ancho Steaks, and yummy pasta shells! I’m actually still dreaming about that Pub-style chicken……it was sooooo good and the best part was all I had to do was take it out of the freezer, let it defrost, toss it into an oven safe dish and bake it! I literally had ONE dish to do after dinner!

I love that even though I’ve been just trying to survive these past few months that my family didn’t have to suffer with eating cereal, pb and j’s, and takeout every night of the week. (Although let’s be honest…I have a 2 and 4 year old so those nights do still happen occasionally). 

We all go through our own survival modes in life or even just a season where we as moms are just juggling too many things and dinner seems to be one of the first things to get dropped. I have a STRONG belief in the power of family dinner and even though my children are little I want to start that tradition now and just make it a part of our lives. I would LOVE for it to be a part of YOUR life too! Which is why I teamed up with Dream Dinners and I am about to offer you something AMAZING!

I am giving away
10 Dream Dinner $25 Introductory Packages!!!! 

That’s right! 10 of you get to win!!!!! The introductory offer is exactly how I got started in all this and it’s a great way to get your toes wet before jumping all the way in. It gets you a freezer meal class and you get to choose and assemble 3 dinners to take home to your own family!

Just enter the Rafflecopter below to be entered to win! Remember 10 of you will be winners so make sure to share this with your friends!