It’s 2016, which means I am having a baby this year!

In about 7 weeks actually and it seems both super close and so far away at the same time. #thirdtrimesterprobs

I’ve learned by now that having a baby can cost a lot. But it really doesn’t have to!  If you are smart and get creative you can actually get a lot of stuff you need without spending an arm and a leg! I’ve learned to look for deals, discounts, and especially free things!

Here’s a list of some free items that I have personally used and loved. For these deals you just pay shipping. And for those of you who aren’t expecting……these make great baby shower gifts. Just saying.


Free Stuff for Moms and Baby 

A Free Belly Band.

These things are awesome and help you fit into your regular jeans during early pregnancy bloating, as you continue to grow, and even after you have your baby but you aren’t quite back to your pre-pregnancy size.

*Use the code UMC2016 to get $40 off making it FREE! All you pay is shipping. 

10 Free Pairs of Breast Pads 

If you are planning on nursing then you are going to need these. Even if you aren’t planning on it you still might need them! When I was pregnant with my first I started leaking milk when I was only 6 months along! Luckily it was only at night so no embarrassing moments took place. Whew!

The best part about these ones is that not only are they cute and can help you feel at least a little bit better during the whole postpartum period, they are washable too! No more throwing money away on disposable ones!

*Use the code UMC2016 to get 10 pairs of these breast pads for FREE! Again just pay shipping. 

A Free Nursing Pillow or $50 off a Pregnancy Pillow 

As you get farther along in your pregnancy, good pillow support while you sleep is essential! I sooooooo wished I would have just got a good pregnancy pillow with my first pregnancy and been able to use it for all my babies. Don’t make my same mistake!

You can get the ‘nursing pillow’ for free and it can have multiple uses. Use it between your knees while you are pregnant for added support and then once baby is here you can use it has nursing support.

Or you can get a full pregnancy pillow and drift off to dreamland as comfy as a pregnant lady can be.

*Use code UMC2016 to get $50 off of pregnancy pillow or a free nursing pillow! 


A Free Nursing Cover from Udder Covers 

These are lightweight and super easy to toss into a diaper bag when you are in a hurry and I love that they stay put better than using just a blanket.  Plus they have the cutest prints!

*Use the code UMC2016 to grab your Udder Cover for free! 


Free Carseat Canopy 

I love these covers for carseats! I think they are great for keeping baby covered and away from all the well meaning but super germy people! Not to mention they come in so many cute patterns.

Besides just the canopy you can also get the “whole caboodle” which is a 5 piece set that comes with the canopy, a minky slip cover, a minky newborn head support, a lap blanket, and even a replacement umbrella.

*Use the code UMC2016 to get the canopy for FREE or to grab the whole Caboodle for $50.00 off! 

A Free Baby Sling

There are a number of reasons to keep baby close to you. Convenience, bonding, contact, etc. I have a few different types of carriers, but I always make sure to have my Seven Sling with me. It’s lightweight and folds up small so it doesn’t take up much room in my diaper bag. Plus I love that I don’t have to mess with crazy instructions or techniques to wear it. One of my favorite uses for this carrier is actually in the summer at the pool! I can keep my baby in it, and still wade around the shallow end of the pool to keep an eye on my other kids. It was a lifesaver with my last baby and I plan on using it a bunch this summer too!

*Use the code UMC2016 to get your Seven Sling for Free! 


 5 Free Pairs of Baby Leg Warmers 

Is there anything cuter than little baby legs? I think not! But those little legs can get chilly and there is no better way to keep them covered up that with some adorable baby leggings! Plus these make diaper changing a breeze!

*Get 5 Free pairs when you use the code UMC2016! 

5 Free Baby Board Books 

It’s never to early to start your little one’s library. And what better way than to start it off than with 5 free books!

*Use the code UMC2016 to get  your 5 books! 


As you can see you can get quite a lot for your little one and spend a minimal amount of money!

And if you know someone who could benefit from these deals make sure you pass this along to them!