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Summer is my very favorite and we have already had so much fun in just 2 weeks! We’ve gone to Lagoon, been to a splash pad, taught the little kids how to slip n’ slide, had a squirt gun fight, made and ate popsicles, and gone on lots of bike rides! But summer is just getting started and I am so freaking excited to team up with the [...]

A Ba-jillion Things to Do in Utah thi...

Summer in Utah is almost here! To help you plan with your family we’ve compiled the ultimate list of summer fun in Utah! We’ve got it all. From parks to movies, trails to trains our list has all the fun you are looking for! In fact, there is probably a ba-jillion things to do in Utah this summer! Summer Movies Summer is the perfe [...]

Two for One Admission- Tracy Aviary

Tracy Aviary is a fantastic place to spend time with your family. It connects people with nature through the world of birds and my kids can’t get enough! With more than 135 species and 400 individual birds on display, guests are able to wander through 8 acres and appreciate the different colors, sizes, and sounds of our feathered friend [...]

Baby Showers and Bottles

My sister in law just had her baby this week and it’s so crazy to me the difference between a brand new teeny tiny baby and my 3 month old! Seriously, how do they grow so stinking fast?! Before her little bundle of joy was born I was able to throw her a shower with my mom and sisters to help her prepare and to celebrate this new little [...]

Kid Friendly Utah Trails- Steed Creek

steed creek
“Let’s go on a Ab-benture!” It’s a phrase my little boy has been saying since he could start to put together complete thoughts and sentences. And going on adventures with my kids is one of my favorite parts of motherhood, and makes me feel young and not like I’m creeping up on 30…… A lot of times when [...]

Win A Pass to This Is The Place

this is the place win
One of our favorite places for a fun family adventure is to go to This Is The Place Heritage Park. My kids can spend hours there, playing, learning, exploring, and so much more. I love the rich history there and all that my kids can learn about our great state! Play and learning….bonus! They have replicas and actual buildings that were [...]

Utah Fairs and Festivals -Summer 2016

  It’s the time of year for county fairs, parades, and festivals. Utah sure knows how to celebrate and we don’t want you to miss one second of fun. So we searched, scoured, and stayed up waaaaay to late to bring you this amazing list of ALL the Utah fairs and festivals happening this summer. It’s time to make some memor [...]

Summer Fun at a Ski Resort?!

The snow is all gone and the sun is shining, so those ski resorts have basically turned into ghost towns, right? WRONG!  Ski resorts are the perfect place to take the family on a hot summer day and they have tons and tons of activities for everyone in the family! Come along as we find summer fun at a ski resort! Summer Ski Resort Activities: [...]

Utah Outdoor Pools and Waterparks

utah pools small
My kids are little fish. They wait and wait for summer to come around so that they can throw on their swim suits, floaties, and sunscreen and jump into the nearest pool. This summer we want you to enjoy some fun in the sun so we’ve listed all the best Utah outdoor pools and waterparks around! Take a look, grab your towel, and get swimm [...]

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Something exciting is coming to Layton that has me and kids super excited! A brand new interactive aquarium! SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Utah offers a completely interactive and totally hands-on learning experience with opportunities to: Explore: Exhibits that feature sea life, rain forest reptiles, tropical birds and vast desert species. [...]

indoor play in utah

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